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Paragon Athletics is a Physical Therapy and Group and Personal Training clinic in Flagstaff, AZ. We offer athletes a functional and prehabilitative approach to strength and conditioning fitness and holistic rehabilitation of chronic conditions and injuries. We help you to build strength through stability and push your perceived level of excursion to a new realm.

We also offer Nutritional Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Massage to help you acheive a balanced and well lived life.


prehab empowers performance

Prehab is built on the concept that the movement assessments typically used in a physical therapy setting post-injury should be used in a training setting pre-injury

Most injuries happen over a long period of compensation not just in one day. When a person driving their car has a tire blow out, that tire did not pop randomly. Perhaps the alignment was off in their car causing an irregular wear pattern. Unbeknownst to the driver, the small, constant wearing caused the tire to eventually give out. It was the subtle and gradual deterioration of the tire that led to the eventual demise of the system. Prehab is about being proactive not reactive.

We focus on improving body biomechanics through strength, range of motion and tissue management. Your prehab program will begin with identifying any subtle or hidden deficits in your movement patterns. This will reduce potential injury and allow you consistent training, making way for the opportunity to push your limits to realize your athletic potential.  

Gait is the mother of all prognostic tools. Gait analysis is a great first step in identifying your deficits that your prehab program will be built upon. We use our comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and keen eye for nuance and subtlety in movement to create a successful and rewarding prehab program.

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Rob Krar Ultra CampĀ  PC: Ken Etzel

Rob Krar Ultra Camp 

PC: Ken Etzel

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