Consistency is Key

We don’t reach the mountaintop from the mountaintop. We start at the bottom and climb up. If we can’t reach the top, we turn around and try again the next day. We do this because we know our bodies adapt, and grow stronger. We know that if we are consistent, we can teach our bodies to climb a little bit higher each day.

At Paragon, it is our obsession to help you up the mountain.  We want to build up your tolerance, endurance, and capacity. Developing a consistent platform of training more, not less, will protect you from injury.

With consistent training, not only will your  muscles and tendons adapt in an optimal way, but you will see improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness, bone mineral density, psychosocial health, and coordination.

But you must ultimately work to increase the load intelligently to develop a consistent platform of training stress. This is how you can begin to develop resilience. This consistent platform of training is protective against injury, as long as you reach a high amount of load safely.

Consistency is one of the most powerful tools you have. Consistency not only powers you through the day-to-day so you can reach goals but also makes tough routines more automatic, so you'll stay motivated.

How to stay consistent:

Consistency suggests a general steadiness, an unfluctuating focus. It is a tool of discipline, and this can lead more importantly to a commitment to being healthy. If we’re committed, we’ll do what’s necessary to maintain, and more likely to progress, our fitness.

So be committed to your story, to making your life bigger. Be committed to adventure.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Motivation:  Variety in your workouts can keep you motivated and working out more often (but you can leave that part up to us if you want!)

  2. Make a plan, and put exercise in that plan

  3. Rest and recovery. It’s plain and simple folks: make it a priority. Put it in your schedule

  4. Stop comparing yourself to others

  5. Set goals that are fun and specific. Let them be a part of your story

Real change happens on the level of the gesture. It’s getting up early to run before work. It’s falling from a bouldering project over and over and over until you finally get it. It is hands on the knees, gasping for a single breath. It is looking down from the top of the mountain, humbled.  The work is there. It’s our task. Doing it will give us strength and clarity. It will bring us closer to who we hope to be.

Laurel Lippard