Our very first Goner of the Month!

January's Goner of the Month! She is not only strong both physically and mentally, but also in character. She truly lives up to the definition of a Goner. Get to know more about

Jordan Buchhagen.

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Number of years as a Goner: Somewhere Around 3 Years
Her frenemy exercise: Toe-Rows
What Paragon has readied her for in the real world: Hiking, running, and other outdoor adventuring; when I am not engulfed in nursing school. I also credit Paragon for providing me with the ability to perform safely and effectively as an EMT at Guardian medical transport, a professionI once thought I would never be physically or mentally strong enough to achieve. 

"When I initially heard of Paragon I thought it sounded crazy, perhaps even unsafe! I now go religiously and often vocalize how the Paragon team has changed my life. Three years in and I do not recognize the person I was when I showed up to the first strength class. Ryan has worked with me and provided me with the tools to transform into a physically healthy and mentally strong individual. The strength and confidence I have gained by being a part of Paragon transcends the number of squat thrusts I can do; my experience at Paragon has provided we with the ability to successfully perform elsewhere in my life, whether it is rescuing an injured hiker on Mt. Humphrey’s or sitting through a nursing class. It is crazy to think that a fitness membership could deliver such an effect but I honestly believe that being a Goner has changed the trajectory of my life! I am happier, as well as fit and able! Thank you Ryan, Laurel and Betsy for all you do!!!"
- Jordan Buchhagen