Nutrition Lecture w/ Dr. Mark James, NMD

What are the markers of a healthy diet? How do you know if you're nutrition is on the right track?

With so many differing opinions and research that points in all directions, proper nutrition can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor.

Join us at Paragon Athletics May 3rd at 2PM for a lecture by Dr. Mark James, NMD about what an optimal human diet should look and feel like. More importantly, he is going to explain how you can pinpoint the nutrition your body needs based on results from an optional blood panel test. If you choose to have the blood panel done, we can help you read and interpret your results to find how your current diet can be improved.

             Dr. Mark James, NMD

             Dr. Mark James, NMD

Following the lecture, we will be offering a 4 week nutrition program to help you achieve your dietary goals. Learn more about the program in our events section.