Give a better gift to your friends and neighbors!

Tis the season to give odd candies melted on top of cookies...

Holidays are a tough time when you are trying to either change your eating habits or maintain your healthy lifestyle. We are inundated with tasty treats everywhere we go and they infiltrate our homes by the dozens. You can make a difference. You can help spread good health as well as your love by gifting better treats! 

Better edible gift ideas to spread holiday cheer include:

Or better yet- Why not give an experience instead of treats!

Spending quality time together can be the best present. Have your friends over for a board game night, go snowshoeing together, look for constellations, investigate something new you’d like to try - and try it together.

More experiential gift ideas include:

Rethinking the norm of cookies, candy and overly-sweet, processed holiday treats takes a shift in mind set and habits. Never fear! You are on the right track and hopefully, you have found some ideas that inspire you to give a better gift (or, ENJOY a better treat yourself!)

Have an idea we didn't cover? Tell us what you give instead of icky-sweet powder sugared and brightly colored royal frosting covered treats!