Group Classes

Too often group classes generalize movement into set standards, forcing people to participate in the same exercise, at the same pace, for the same amount of time. With clients ranging from professional athletes to 80 year old grandparents, this format becomes too generalized to be effective. For this reason, we design each class with the individual in mind, giving every client personalized accommodation so that the athlete and the grandparent can work side-by-side at their own level.

We provide strength, conditioning, mobility, and climbing specific classes to give you the work you need, when you need it.


The foundation of optimal performance, strength is paramount in achieving your goals, living longer, and playing harder.  With this class you can expect to get a mix of calisthenics, weights, and skill based exercise with the intention of making you as strong as possible.  We blend our knowledge of corrective exercise with traditional training to give you effective programming that translates directly to what you want to do with your body.


In sport and in life, sustained effort is something that must be trained.  Your aerobic and anaerobic capacity dictates your speed, your distance, and your life span.  Conditioning class takes tried and true interval timing paired with our unique exercises and provides a truly heart pounding experience.


With an emphasis on active flexibility, quality of muscle tissue, and making change to your nervous system, mobility training ensures that your body is always ready for hard work.  In this class we focus on self-guided body work, banded exercise, and breathwork to educate you on the best practices to keep your body ready to perform. Look for our BYOB label and enjoy a drink with class!

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"Three years in and I do not recognize the person I was when I showed up to the first strength class."

-Jordan Buchhagen

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