Strength & Conditioning Classes

We offer group classes for individuals looking for elevated functional fitness. Our athletes are encouraging and motivated and are as varied as professional athletes to older women with knee replacements. Our world class trainers are happy and able to accommodate your personal needs in our group setting.

For your first session we encourage you to come to an Intro or Strength Class to allow time to talk to trainers about injuries or goals you may have so they can better accommodate your needs.

"My experience at Paragon has been truly transformational. In the 3 months since I began training at Paragon I have seen many changes in strength and endurance." -Tiana Tallant

"With constant change-up and rotation of workouts, it is never tedious or boring, and ALWAYS challenging. " - Christie Dennis

"It's true, a lot of the “classic” gym strength training workouts don't translate well to actual outdoor athletics. Ryan's workouts have me climbing harder, running faster, and skiing stronger than I ever have before." -Eric Helfrich

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Our Prehab style of training is built on the concept that the movement assessments typically used in a physical therapy setting post-injury should be used in a training setting pre-injury