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HOW TO EAT Nutrition Program

The How To Eat nutrition program offers you a guided and supportive course of action to improve your diet and your overall well-being. The goal of this course is to eliminate foods that commonly cause digestive ailments, disease, and detrimental eating habits and give your body (and tastebuds) a fresh start. There will be 3 levels of commitment to the program.

Level  1 - Testing the Waters

If you are wanting to take steps toward a healthier diet, this is the level for you. We will be focusing on eating whole, fresh, unprocessed foods and making some small changes to the processed foods and sugars in our diets.

Level  2 - The Deep End 

If you are just looking to clean up your already healthy diet or maybe you want to plunge right into a 4 week detox, this level should suit you. We must warn you that this is not for the faint of heart! For the 4 week program you will be eating whole, fresh, unprocessed foods and eliminating your not so healthy eating habits and sugar dependencies. The guides and support available will keep you on track and give you the extra push you need to reach your dietary goals.

Level 3 - Open Waters - Finding Sensitivities

This level is going to be tough and on some days grueling but it is also going to make the biggest changes and give you insight into how your body reacts to certain foods. For the first 2 weeks, your diet will become very restricted but with our help, you will be guided through the addition of specific foods back into your diet. We will help you to recognize symptoms of sensitivities and physical and mental reactions to foods that you may have been overlooking for years. You can do this! And we can help.

The Self Guided Program will provide you with:

  • A PDF guide

  • Motivational and educational emails

  • Access to the How To Eat Pinterest page and Facebook group

  • Daily email access to Betsy for questions and concerns

The Self Guided Program early registration is $30

*discount available for Paragon Monthly Members