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Busting the Food Pyramid Myth

DATE: Saturday, September 27th

TIME: 11am-Noon

WHERE: Paragon Athletics, 1519 N. Main St, Suite 105

COST: Absolutely Free

Diet can be very confusing. It seems as though every year there is new research as to what we should really be eating to treat and prevent disease and feel better. Nutritionist, Betsy Whited, will be discussing the misconceptions and blunders of the suggested American diet and why we should consider some changes to the food pyramid for optimal nutrition. She will highlight a diet that is rich in nutrient dense, whole foods and discuss the portions, ratios and vital components that you plate should be comprised of.

Betsy Whited is a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Coach for Paragon Athletics and the NAPEBT Wellness Program. She aims to debunk common myths and misconceptions about what a healthy diet is. Her intentions through her nutritional education and programs are to heal digestion issues, regulate blood sugar and rejuvenate health through nutrient dense foods and a balanced diet that fuels the body for optimal living.

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