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Women's Wednesday - Crosstraining

Join us for a special Women's Wednesday! Hosted by Erin Osbourn, an athlete ambassador for LIV Cycling and Flagstaff Bike Revolution. 

Cross training is important no matter your discipline. Whether you are a cyclist, climber, runner, or just love working out, you can always improve and become a healthier, more well rounded, athlete. 

During this event we will hear stories of how cross training has improve the performance of local women athletes and the lovely Laurel Lippard will lead a short strength/conditioning class followed by some mobility movements. 

Additionally, there will be FREE swag! 
-$20 Gift Certificates for Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution for the first few women in the door
-A Free Class voucher to Paragon Athletics
-Liv Cycling water bottles

Did we mention this event is FREE?! We'll see you there!!

*The 5:30 Mobility Class will be canceled due to this special event.