Personal Training with Laurel Lippard or Brian Dales

One-on-one sessions with either of our premiere trainers’ start with a comprehensive assessment of where you want to take your body and how you are going to get there. After establishing your goals and providing insight into your body, a program will be created specifically for you, with exercises tailored to lead you to your best self.

Corrective Training with Ryan Whited

Specializing in pain science and corrective exercise, Ryan Whited brings his vast training experience and expert knowledge into every session. Clients who experience chronic pain, have been considering surgery, or have a recent injury, benefit the most from Ryan’s expertise. Every appointment begins with a conversation about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you would like to go. Ryan then takes you through a physical assessment to gauge what plan of action is right for your individual situation. As owner and founder of Paragon Athletics Ryan has helped clients avoid surgery, reduce or eliminate pain, and return to what they love to do.

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