Personalized Training Sessions


Personal Training with Laurel Lippard or Brian Dales - $70/hour

Personal Training sessions with one of our knowledgable and creative trainers will provide you with an exercise program specific to your needs and goals. 

Corrective Training with Ryan Whited - $85/hour

Ryan specializes in resolving the cause of orthopedic injury and pain through specific movements that will help to correct your bio-mechanics. 

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$250 for a 2 hour session

The Paragon Athletics premise of training is a focus on improving body biomechanics through strength, range of motion and tissue management. Our prehab style of training works by first identifying subtle deficits in your gait and movement patterns as prognostic tools to foresee leaks of potentiality or injury to come. Then working off the physical therapy standards that are typically used for rehab, building a program to better equip your body for optimized efficiency and injury prevention to allow you consistent and improved training.

You will leave your Gait Analysis session  with:

-A Biomechanical assessment w/ prognostic insights into your gait mechanics.

-A better understanding of how your gait mechanics affect your efficiency.

-An exercise list for your specific bio mechanical needs and long term injury prevention. 

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