"I really appreciate the very in depth analysis of my feet and ankles and that I came away with specific exercises for each foot. If I could pass on one thing to fellow runners is not to underestimate how important it is to do strength and support exercises to keep you healthy and injury free.  It's very difficult to find someone who understands the biomechanics of both strength training and running and how they can compliment each other.  If I lived in Flagstaff, I'd definitely be a regular at Paragon.” ‑ Greg, Plano TX

“My shins NO longer hurt, my feet feel stronger and I no longer have ankle pain. I didn’t know that my left hip pain (that happens during long distance running) was caused by my right foot being weak in some areas along with my outer shin. My hip NO longer has pains while running. Ryan’s research on feet and body mechanics has improved my running and everyday life. Knowing that certain pains are caused by different areas of your body was mind blowing. I realized that you can buy as many shoes or inserts that you want, but it all comes down to your feet and how everything else intertwines.”  ‑ Jessica, Roseville, CA

Efficiency is king when it comes to running economy. We have the knowledge and expertise to find the adjustments that need to be made to your biomechanics in order to maximize your potential and prevent injuries. 

Gait is the mother of all prognostic tools. Gait analysis is a great first step in identifying your deficits that your prehab program will be built upon. We use our comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and keen eye for nuance and subtlety in movement to create a successful and rewarding prehab program.       

The Paragon Athletics premise of training is a focus on improving body biomechanics through strength, range of motion and tissue management. Our prehab style of training works by first identifying subtle deficits in your gait and movement patterns as prognostic tools to foresee leaks of potentiality or injury to come. Then working off the physical therapy standards that are typically used for rehab, building a program to better equip your body for optimized efficiency and injury prevention to allow you consistent and improved training.

You will leave your Gait Analysis session with:


-A Biomechanical assessment w/ prognostic insights into your gait mechanics.

-A better understanding of how your gait mechanics affect your efficiency.

-An exercise list for your specific bio mechanical needs and long term injury prevention.