"I was very pleased with my session with Ryan. My primary goal going in was a sanity check on my current gym/prehab work to see if there was anything I was missing or something I was doing that would be better served by something else. In my case, I'm recovering from achilles issues and issues with ankle dorsiflexion. I really appreciate the very in depth analysis of my feet and ankles and that I came away with specific exercises for each foot. If I could pass on one thing to fellow runners is not to underestimate how important it is to do strength and support exercises to keep you healthy and injury free.  It's very difficult to find someone who understands the biomechanics of both strength training and running and how they can compliment each other.  If I lived in Flagstaff, I'd definitely be a regular at Paragon.” 

‑ Greg, Plano TX

“My shins NO longer hurt, my feet feel stronger and I no longer have ankle pain. I didn’t know that my left hip pain (that happens during long distance running) was caused by my right foot being weak in some areas along with my outer shin. My hip NO longer has pains while running. Ryan’s research on feet and body mechanics has improved my running and everyday life. Knowing that certain pains are caused by different areas of your body was mind blowing. I realized that you can buy as many shoes or inserts that you want, but it all comes down to your feet and how everything else intertwines.” 

‑ Jessica, Roseville, CA

"I was constantly managing pain in various joints and was worried about long term damage when I came to see Ryan at Paragon.  My wrists hurt just holding onto the steering wheel in my car, the 20 year old right shoulder pain was assumed permanent as well as knee pain on Grand Canyon descents, left hip flexor pain on long hikes, chronic soreness in my calves, and tendonitis flare ups in my elbows from climbing...to name a few.  Within only a few months, ALL of these symptoms had either disappeared or decreased to the point where they rarely bother me.   I've done several long Grand Canyon hikes where the trekking pole stayed on my pack the whole time and I'm climbing at the highest level in my life.  The investment in a bit of hard work and open mindedness here has really paid off - Thank You Paragon!"

Danny Giovale 

"Okay - first off, I hate gyms, and I hate working out!  If it's not outdoors or fun, don't want to do it!  That being said, working out with Ryan has changed my perspective on strength training.  Many injuries over the past few years had, without my knowledge, restricted my range of motion and strength through compensation.  Ryan has found ALL of my weak areas, and focused on rehabilitating and strengthening them.  The overall conditioning has increased my strength in my primary sport, as well as given me the extra strength and stability to easily move into other activities without the normal miserable break-in period (case-in-point, trail running is a piece of cake, where previously was just pain management!).  With constant change-up and rotation of workouts, it is never tedious or boring, and ALWAYS challenging.  Ryan really pays attention to every detail of your movements, and picks up anomalies that would never occur to you on your own, and then works to improve them.  I've never felt better, thanks Ryan!"

Christie Dennis

"What I really appreciate about training at Paragon is the emphasis on both proper body mechanics and performance. As a physical therapy student and a yoga instructor, I am very interested in the therapeutic benefits of exercise. As an athlete myself (runner for 10+ years and soccer player in college), I am also highly invested in improving my personal performance. 

My experience at Paragon has been truly transformational. In the 3 months since I began training at Paragon I have seen many changes in strength and endurance. The two improvements that I am most excited about are those in functional hip strength and core stability. These improvements have largely eliminated my chronic knee pain and have helped me improve both my running form and speed. 

Ryan’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics continue to impress me. Between his formal training and 20+ years of experience, Ryan always creates workouts that are both functional and extremely challenging. Even in the context of their ‘open training’ sessions, Ryan and his staff are excellent at providing individualized attention to each athlete. 

I think we are super fortunate to have Ryan as a part of our community here in Flagstaff and I am stoked to have the opportunity to train with him. Paragon rocks!!!"

Tiana Tallant

"When I initially heard of Paragon I thought it sounded crazy, perhaps even unsafe! I now go religiously and often vocalize how the Paragon team has changed my life. Three years in and I do not recognize the person I was when I showed up to the first strength class. Ryan has worked with me and provided me with the tools to transform into a physically healthy and mentally strong individual. The strength and confidence I have gained by being a part of Paragon transcends the number of squat thrusts I can do; my experience at Paragon has provided me with the ability to successfully perform elsewhere in my life, whether it is rescuing an injured hiker on Mt. Humphrey’s or sitting through a nursing class. It is crazy to think that a fitness membership could deliver such an effect but I honestly believe that being a Goner has changed the trajectory of my life! I am happier, as well as fit and able! Thank you Ryan, Laurel and Betsy for all you do!!!"

Jordan Buchhagen

"It's not an exaggeration when you hear that training with Ryan will change your life, both as an athlete and as a person. I love to rock climb more than anything, but had never tried to realize my potential as a climber or even thought that was possible until I wandered into Paragon. The first workout totally crushed me (I might have cried halfway through) and for several months Ryan had to modify almost every exercise that I tried. But I kept coming back and, over the last year, Ryan has helped me understand the physiological reasons for my weaknesses, and how to fix them both through his training and by changing habits on my own time.  And the results are incredible; after nine months training with Ryan, not only did my rope climbing improve by almost two number grades, I stopped having back pain for the first time in four years. As a side benefit, as someone juggling climbing and a fairly high-stress career, it's awesome to have a place to get a really efficient workout when time is tight. Finally, Paragon draws an amazing group of people who are consistently humble, funny, inspiring, and super encouraging no matter your level of fitness."

Anne Mariah Tapp

"Ryan's training has transformed my life. Working hard at Paragon twice a week for over two years allowed me to push my boundaries and develop as an athlete, and as a person. Coming from a self disciplined background my performance had plateaued and my training was largely becoming repetitive. After my fist workout with Ryan I couldn’t sit up this next morning. It's hard not to get addicted to his unique programing and the energetic way it's presented. His workouts are tailored to your individual goals and he carefully monitors you to ensure safety and progress. It's true, a lot of the “classic” gym strength training workouts don't translate well to actual outdoor athletics. Ryan's workouts have me climbing harder, running faster, and skiing stronger than I ever have before. This is a testament to his solid understanding of human physiology. Aside from training, Ryan also has endless amounts of valuable insight on life. I'm proud to have made such a genuine friend over countless hours of pushing past what I thought my body's limits were. Leave your preconceptions at the door and be ready for a challenge. The blood, sweat, and tears are worth it, and it's more fun than you think!"

Eric Helfrich 

"I have quickly realized that everything I knew about exercise and getting into peak physical shape was very narrow! I have always worked out and tried to stay in decent shape, but as my children grew older and work grew busier the time I invested in my health diminished until it became almost nonexistent. After rave reviews from other clients of Ryan's, I decided it was worth the investment for my health and well-being. Ryan carefully adjusts the workouts to your ability, but don't worry he will quickly up the ante! I am in the best shape that I've ever been in. But, more than that, I have faced the challenges Ryan puts in front of us and have realized I am up for the challenge. He makes you believe you can."

Gina Lanzetta

"Paragon is for athletes of all kinds. The intensity and creativity of Paragon exercise allows athletes to improve their game, no matter what their game may be. If you feel like you are losing a step or two and have limited time to exercise, then Paragon is the answer. Paragon’s, high value, routines will keep your body guessing and your lungs burning so you can maintain the highest levels of performance while in the field. This full body experience incorporates coordination, balance, reflex, core strength and utter exhaustion to challenge you in new ways and allow you to get the most out of the activity that you love. Ryan’s premium understanding of body mechanics makes him conscious of when and how injuries occur while exercising and he is able to effectively moderate this risk without compromising the intensity. It is also a place where active people can suffer together and become friends. Thank you Paragon!"

Steve Fugate

"Ryan's workouts have been the hardest thing I've ever done, and the most rewarding. I am a slow runner, but through his workouts, I have gotten stronger and faster, something I would have never thought possible! This past spring I trimmed 4 minutes of my 5K and for the first time ever placed in my age group. My foot speed and recovery times have greatly increased. Ryan understands human physiology and applies this to his workouts to make a strong mind/body connection. I'm in the best shape of my life....thanks Ryan"

Sarah Uminski

"Going to train with Ryan at Paragon Athletics hurts, at times tremendously...but in a good way. I have been an athlete most of my life, especially as an adult. I am addicted to exercise. I need to be getting stronger physically in order to feel at peace emotionally. At times this addiction has forced me to deal with what I thought to be chronic injury...collateral damage for quenching my thirst for fitness. Now /i have two kids three years and younger, there is no time for mountain bike rides, full days up at Snow Bowl, or especially five days a week at the gym. I started at Paragon this past June 2010. I work out with Ryan two times a week. I am stronger,more agile, more physically aware and nearly as fit as I have ever been...all from two days a week. For exercise addict turned father, Paragon is the most efficient use of my time. The workouts are far more intense than I can achieve alone and much more specialized to my needs. The latter is another aspect in which Paragon really shines. Specialization. Ryan helps me prepare for the upcoming Ultimate Frisbee season, cross country skiing, or mountain biking giving specific focus to fitness, power, or physical coordination. Because of Ryan's knowledge of trianing and anatomy, and my body in particular, I executed controlled, gaurded exersices and consequently I do not suffer from injury. My so called "chronic injuries" have been getting better by strenghtening my core and complementary muscles. Paragon is a tremendous product providing value and health." 

Matt Clark 

"Training with Ryan has made me stronger and healthier than I have ever been. His ability to observe, interpret, and apply his extensive knowledge of how to train the body is something very special. Training with Ryan is a unique kind of butt whuppin' that will push you harder and farther than you thought possible with results that will make come back for more."

Ryan Titone

 "Since I've started training with Ryan at Paragon I feel that I am better able to understand, use, and apply my body. As a person who likes to try to climb rocks this has increased my enjoyment and ability in doing so. I hope to continue to progress and feel that this type of training will allow me to maintain good fitness for a long, long time"                                                                                                                 

Cory Quackenbush