"Paragon is for athletes of all kinds. The intensity and creativity of Paragon exercise allows athletes to improve their game, no matter what their game may be. Paragon’s high value routines will keep your body guessing and your lungs burning so you can maintain the highest levels of performance while in the field. This full body experience incorporates coordination, balance, reflex, core strength and utter exhaustion to challenge you in new ways and allow you to get the most out of the activity that you love.  It is also a place where active people can suffer together and become friends. Thank you Paragon!" -Steve Fugate

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Our Prehab style of training is built on the concept that the movement assessments typically used in a physical therapy setting post-injury should be used in a training setting pre-injury

Most injuries happen over a long period of compensation not just in one day. When a person driving their car has a tire blow out, that tire did not pop randomly. Perhaps the alignment was off in their car causing an irregular wear pattern. Unbeknownst to the driver, the small, constant wearing caused the tire to eventually give out. It was the subtle and gradual deterioration of the tire that led to the eventual demise of the system. Prehab is about being proactive not reactive.

We focus on improving body biomechanics through strength, range of motion and tissue management. Your prehab program will begin with identifying any subtle or hidden deficits in your movement patterns. This will reduce potential injury and allow you consistent training, making way for the opportunity to push your limits to realize your athletic potential.  

Gait is the mother of all prognostic tools. Gait analysis is a great first step in identifying your deficits that your prehab program will be built upon. We use our comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and keen eye for nuance and subtlety in movement to create a successful and rewarding prehab program.


Group Classes

We offer strength and conditioning classes for individuals looking for elevated functional fitness. Our athletes are encouraging and motivated. They are as varied as professional athletes to older women with knee replacements. Our world class trainers are happy and able to accommodate your personal needs in our group setting.

"My experience at Paragon has been truly transformational. In the 3 months since I began training at Paragon I have seen many changes in strength and endurance." -Tiana Tallant

"With constant change-up and rotation of workouts, it is never tedious or boring, and ALWAYS challenging. " - Christie Dennis

"It's true, a lot of the “classic” gym strength training workouts don't translate well to actual outdoor athletics. Ryan's workouts have me climbing harder, running faster, and skiing stronger than I ever have before." -Eric Helfrich

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Personalized Training Sessions


Personal Training sessions with one of our knowledgable and creative trainers will provide you with an exercise program specific to your needs and goals. 

Ryan specializes in resolving the cause of orthopedic injury and pain through specific movements that will help to correct your bio-mechanics. 

"Three years in and I do not recognize the person I was when I showed up to the first strength class. Ryan has worked with me and provided me with the tools to transform into a physically healthy and mentally strong individual. The strength and confidence I have gained by being a part of Paragon transcends the number of squat thrusts I can do." - Jordan Buchhagen

The Rob Krar Ultra Camp



We are proud to be able to provide RKUC campers with our Prehab philosophy and insights into Strength & Conditioning for ultra runners. 

"The goal of our camps is to provide an inspirational, educational and once-in-a-lifetime running experience unlike anything available in our sport." - RKUC